Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kenny G music- Breathless

Kenny G - Breathless
Menonton Rancangan TV Malaysia

Individual Worksheet 2

Individual Worksheet 2

Individual Worsheet 1

Individual Worksheet 1

Video: Visiting Zoo Negara

Curriculum Map

Subject               :English              
Year                    :5 Mawar
ICT Usage
ICT Skill
ICT Resource

Week 3

Sem. 1

Theme:World of        Knowledge.
Sub-topic:Types of
MsPowerPoint slide presentation which is integrated to access information.
1.Using MsPowerPoint presentation in the process of learning.
2.Pupils use electronic communication by sending their answers to the teacher’s e-mail at :

1.Slide presentation as AVA.
2.Ms Word software.

List Of Resources

List of Resources
Subject          :English Language
Year              :5 Mawar

Existing Resources

Existing Resources

Resources needed

1. Text book – English Year 5
2. Pictures

 1.MsPowerPoint slide presentation as AVA.
 2.MsWord software.
3.Internet access.
LCD Projector.